Be Mindful About What is Going on Inside Your Mouth

It’s allergy season here in Tucson and people all over are sneezing and wheezing. Pollen count is high with springtime blooms in the air. While you may have noticed your allergies with a runny nose and eyes, have you thought about how they affect the inside of your mouth?

Here are four occurrences that could happen that you might not know, but should:
1. Swollen cheeks that you keep biting. “Ouch!”
The inside of your cheeks are very sensitive. An allergic reaction can cause them to swell, and when you crunch down on a radish or mixed nuts you consistently keep biting the skin. Try cleaning your mouth out with warm salt water every hour. Pay attention to what you are eating, drinking and breathing to try and discover the culprit of the pain.
2. That good old cottonmouth is your traveling companion everywhere you go. Allergies can cause dry mouth in two ways. First, you’re more likely to breathe through your mouth when your nose is stuffy. Second, many antihistamines include dry mouth as a side effect. This condition isn’t just uncomfortable — it also increases your chances of developing cavities, gum disease and bad breath. Make sure you are staying hydrated. Try drinking the recommended eight glasses of water per day.
3. A bad tooth has made a visit. The maxillary sinuses, the largest sinuses in your face, are located above your mouth. When pressure builds in these sinuses, it can push down on the roots of your upper molars. Try antihistamines to see if you can get any relief. If your toothache goes away after taking antihistamines, the tooth is likely allergy-related.
4. Lip and tongue swelling are quite apparent. When you constantly breath in and out during allergy season, you are inviting foreign spores into your system. Of course, this will cause swelling…you’re having an allergic reaction. Again, try gargling warm salt water multiple times a day to reduce this interaction.

We cannot stress enough to make sure you notice these conditions. After all your mouth is one of the most important parts of your body. It’s what allows you to eat and communicate. Take a moment each day and be respectful to the inside of it. Oral care is extremely important, no matter what season. So throughout the rest of the year, it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye or a mouthful on these symptoms.

Contact us today, if your mouth allergies seem to be getting worse and worse. Infections can occur easily, and it’s best to catch anything before they happen.

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