Are you using the right toothpaste?

Are you using the right toothpaste?

Choices choices choices. There are a lot of choices out there regarding which toothpastes will do wonders for your teeth. Like an expensive car, you want to be picky about which soap will make it really shine. Which toothpastes should I use then, you might ask. I could never tell you which ones not to use, but by listing some simple recommendations of what to look for in your toothpaste will hopefully make standing in front of the dental care section at Walmart a little less stressful.

First things first, a few things to note: before choosing your toothpaste be sure that it has an ADA (American Dental Association) seal on the box. This means that the product’s claims are legitimate because it’s been tested, and the ingredients prove to be effective. The taste, whether it be bubble gum, cinnamon or spearmint has nothing to do with the product’s effectiveness to protect your teeth. On the other hand these flavors have been exquisitely designed to bring you a rush of tasty distraction from the yucky taste of, well, mouth.

You’re probably aware that fluoride is great for your teeth in that it promotes fresher breath and healthier teeth overall. Many toothpastes have fluoride in them and some do not. Being a naturally occurring mineral, fluoride helps protect your teeth from acid that is released when bacteria feed on sugars left on your teeth. For this reason I recommend brushing and spitting but not rinsing; you’ll leave the fluoride behind and let the ingredient work its magic longer.

Tartar build up sounds gross right? Well, it is if you let it get out of control and too hard- at that point the only savior is that little pick us dentists wield to scrape it off. Toothpastes that contain fighting elements against tartar can help prevent heavy plaque from hardening. Look for ingredients on the label like pyrophosphates and zinc citrate.

Most toothpastes promote their whitening factor, and why wouldn’t they? White teeth are the prettiest teeth! Whitening toothpastes contain abrasive particles to help you attain a pearly white smile. Silica is the ingredient in whitening toothpastes, but don’t get scared. These ingredients are proven to be no more harmful to your teeth enamel than other types of toothpastes.

At the end of the day, choose a toothpaste that you enjoy using. It will drive you to brush more often, longer and in an effective way. Keeping up other healthy oral health practices are necessary in maintaining a healthy smile, so don’t solely rely on your toothpaste to get the job done! With regular dental visits and use of the proper dental habits, you’ll have a gorgeous smile year round.