Santa Brings Coal but Plaque can Bring Holes

Santa Brings Coal but Plaque can Bring Holes

The Holiday season is in full force and if you’re anything like us, resisting those winter treats is probably not going as well as you anticipated. Between all the Christmas cookies, Thanksgiving pies, and cozy comforting bakes and breads, the things we eat are often our favorite part of the Holidays. If you’re a parent, you might start telling your kids this season that all those treats will rot their teeth. Maintaining their sugar intake and your sanity is important and while we won’t give away your secrets, we will reassure you that your sweet tooth is not your enemy this season. Well, it is not your enemy if you keep your teeth clean.

Plaque is the culprit. Plaque is that sticky stuff that clings to your teeth. The plaque consists of mostly germs. When you brush your teeth you’re actively removing plaque, which starts building up after every meal. When plaque builds up and doesn’t get brushed away, it erodes the outer layer of enamel by producing acids. This leads to the formation of cavities – or those little holes we find in your teeth. Kids are more susceptible to cavities, given their brushing and eating habits, but since the introduction of fluoride (which hardens the teeth} in water systems, that statistic has gone down.

Adults are not risk free. The chance of decay can occur throughout our lives. Yet, adults can reduce their risk of decay by good oral hygiene, proper diet (less sugary foods) and regular dental checkups. I CANNOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH THE NEED FOR REGULAR CHECKUPS FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN. These checkups allow us to thoroughly remove the plaque, examine the teeth, and apply fluoride and to repair early decay before it causes major problems.

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