Tips to Keeping Teeth Healthy Over the Holidays

Tips to Keeping Teeth Healthy Over the Holidays

‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry. Dinner tables all over the nation will be covered in rich, robust meals and decadent desserts. Don’t forget the sugary drinks that add the splash to gourmet delights. We hate to break the happiness of it all by saying celebration meals could wreck havoc on your teeth and oral health, but it’s the truth.

We do wish all of our patients the most joyful of times with their friends and families. Here’s a few ideas for you to stew upon, as you pull together your holiday medley of recipes.

1. Nuts are a favorite this time of year, just don’t crack them with your teeth! Protein found in almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, and pecans are quite good for bones and strength. So if you do feast upon a bowl of mixed nuts, make sure a nutcracker is near.

2. Avoid chewing on hard candy or ice cubes. This can lead to cracked or chipped teeth, and nobody wants to experience that during such jubilant times. Whether you are enjoying a sweet, or finishing off the cubes in your beverage, let everything dissolve.

3. Brush and floss, repeat as many times as needed. Chances are you do not have a cleaning scheduled over your festivities. That doesn’t mean you should skip your periodontal health routine. Brushing and/or flossing after each meal, and drinking a lot of water to help savory foods go down helps you avoid gifting yourself a cavity.

4. Try adding sugar-free options to your menus, or make them as hostess gifts if you are going to a party. There is an abundance of recipes that are easily doable and you can count out grams of sugar this way. This means the bacteria that lives in your mouth doesn’t stand a chance of creating tooth decay.

5. Fancy dark chocolate over other sweets. Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure – these aren’t just the enemies of your heart. Studies have shown an association between these diseases, their treatments and dental health, too. That’s why if you are a chocoholic, it’s best to opt for dark chocolate because it’s packed with flavonoids, or compounds that help to protect your heart.

We would like to wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season. From now until New Year’s Eve, don’t forget your oral health. Keep smiling and enjoy!

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