Before & After Photos


The following Before & After photos are from actual patients treated by Dr. Citrin. Dr. Citrin makes certain that all his restorative and cosmetic dental work looks natural, so all of your friends and family will say,” I love your beautiful teeth,” instead of ” I love your crowns”. These pictures demonstrate what he can do to improve your smile.

Total Smile Makeover

This woman disliked her teeth. Look how beautiful and natural the teeth and gums look. The second and third photos were taken six years afterwards!!!!!


Porcelain Crowns

This is a 70 year old man who did not like the overlapping of his front teeth. He didn’t mind the color, it was the overlapping that bothered him. You can see how nicely we blended in the four front crowns with his canine teeth.


Matching One Tooth in Front of the Mouth

This patient fractured his front tooth. We prepared it for a single crown. Notice how beautiful the gums look. We even painted on a small fracture to give symmetry to the two front teeth.



With minor discoloration and several uneven teeth, this patient wanted to lengthen and whiten her smile. Porcelain veneers resulted in a beautiful smile.


Replace Missing Teeth With Implants

The patient had lost his front tooth and an implant was inserted. We attached a top into the implant and cemented the crown to the implant. Notice that the crown matched the natural tooth. We even included the undulations on the front of the tooth.


Restorative Dentistry

Here you see how black spaces can be closed with composite. We also are showing how fillings look in our office when they are completed: matching the same color as the tooth. All of our fillings go through three states of polish, which results in a smooth, shiny luste.


Dental Bridgework

The unsightly gap caused by a missing tooth prevented this patient from fully smiling. The adjacent teeth were reduced in size to accommodate a natural-looking, fixed dental bridge.


Life Changing Dentistry

This patient made the life changing decision to get the dentistry he needed. The dental work enabled him to “finally enjoy eating again”. His appearance, confidence and self esteem have been raised to a level he never expected.