Dentistry for Children in Tucson, AZ

Dr. Citrin and his staff provide quality children’s dentistry in Tucson, AZ. We know how special your child is. Children are important to us as well. We have created a caring, sensitive environment, where we provide the best dental care available to children. We are committed to the total well-being of each and every child patient.

child-dental-patient We provide a comfortable, safe and friendly environment for children. We know how to make kids laugh, and we help to relieve any fears they may have about dentistry. We don’t just ask them to “open up” and start pulling teeth. We believe each child’s dental needs are special, and we encourage children to take an interest in their oral health.

The best compliment that we heard from a parent was, “My kids were upset that I was going to see Dr. Citrin, and they didn’t have an appointment.” We hear similar stories from parents and get compliments all the time.

Preparing your Child for a Visit to the Dentist

preparing-child-for-dentist Your child’s introduction to the dentist can be accomplished either by having him or her observe a family member having a simple cleaning or exam or by reading your child a book about dentistry. Two children’s books are “Taryn Goes to the Dentist” by Jill Krementz (Crown Publishers Inc., 1986) and “The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist” by Stan and Jan Berenstain (Random House, 1981). You might also try playing dentist with your child. Switch roles and let him or her count your teeth.

Dr. Jay Citrin and his clinical staff are very good with children and young patients. We carefully explain everything to your child in a fun, imaginative way. Most kids are fascinated by all the dental equipment and the procedures we perform. They also enjoy the attention. This is why so many children actually like going to the dentist.