Do You Need Dentures?

Do You Need Dentures?

Dentures- an interesting topic if you ask me. Tooth loss is scary, but potentially possible if you let your oral hygiene become neglected.  That being said, you should never be nervous seeing your dentist about these matters-that’s what we are here for!

So we are all clear, dentures are removable replacements for lost or missing teeth. Dentures are indeed false teeth, Think of them as fake hands; they may look like real hands but trying holding a pen to write your name. There is a learning process with dentures. Most people adapt to a top denture.  The lower denture is more difficult to accept. A moving tongue, poor bone support and difficult retention make the lower denture less stable.

There are many situations throughout life when you could need teeth replacements. Dentures are a more affordable option if you are missing all or some of your teeth. So how do you know if you need dentures? Its important firstly to know which type of dentures you need. Partial dentures are used when teeth still remain. The remaining teeth act as anchors to help keep the denture in place. Partial dentures are more secure and stable than full dentures, especially for lower teeth.

Tooth loss is something we all may face at some point if your teeth aren’t properly cared for. With regular check ups and the right care, anyone can keep their teeth all their life! If you think you may need partial or full dentures, the best advice would be to visit us.  Semi annual check ups (every six months) will ensure your teeth a longer and healthier chance of staying put.