One in Six Parents Put Off Their Child’s First Dental Checkup, Consumer Affairs Reports

One in Six Parents Put Off Their Child’s First Dental Checkup, Consumer Affairs Reports

A recent poll, taken by 760 parents, showed that only 16% believe children should visit a dentist before the age of four. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends regular dental appointments starting at around age one after baby teeth have erupted.

Parents apparently claim they don’t receive proper professional guidance from their main healthcare provider or doctors, and are therefore less likely to take their children to the dentist at an early age. We want to share a few reasons why it is detrimentally important to have your little one’s teeth checked…even their baby teeth.

Taking kids to the dentist early on in life helps set them up for healthy oral hygiene as they grow.

Early visits provide important information to both parents and children about correct brushing techniques, the importance of limiting sugary drinks, and why putting children to bed with a bottle isn’t recommended.

Early dentist visits can help spot common oral problems that can follow toddlers and children as they get older, possibly leading to major dental procedures down the line.

Early dentist visits can also be beneficial to children with healthy teeth. In addition to educating kids on healthy oral hygiene habits, dentists can apply fluoride varnish to help prevent future decay.

Visiting the dentist at an early age is an essential part of children’s health care. These visits are important for the detection and treatment of early childhood tooth decay and also a valuable opportunity to educate parents on key aspects of oral health.

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